Advanced Energy Resources

Seton Catholic College (100 kW)


Solar Modules: Canadian Solar 355W x 281

Inverters: Solar Edge 82.8 kW

Location: Fremantle

Industry Type: School


Seton Catholic College was established in January 1990 as a secondary school of the Archdiocese of Perth. Set on a leafy and attractive campus, Seton has a wide range of modern facilities designed to optimise learning. In 2018 AER approached Seton with a view to understanding their opportunity to reduce costs using solar power. Evaluation of the school’s historical electricity consumption data and likely future trends, identified a 100 KW system would offer the best return and a significant annual saving of approximately 18% of the annual electricity cost. Due to some shading from trees, it was determined that solar module level power electronics (MLPE) would be a worthwhile investment and provide a detailed monitoring platform.

Client:Seton Catholic College