Advanced Energy Resources

Denmark Wind Farm (1.6 MW)

Generation - Wind turbines

Denmark Wind Farm (1.6 MW)

Location: Denmark, WA

Output: 1.6 MW

Annual Production: 5,500 MWh per annum

Equipment: 2 x Enercon E48 wind turbines


AER owns a minor share of the Denmark Wind Farm and built the wind turbines’ two foundations for the project owners.

Commissioned in 2013, the turbines are located on the coast adjacent to Wilson’s Inlet on Western Australia’s southern coast.

The turbines Enercon E48 turbines make use of the frequent and constant winds. Due to the high wind resource, the swept area of the turbine’s rotor is less than Mt Barker’s turbines, and the towers at Denmark are only 50 metres high.

The output of the wind farm is contracted to a third party electricity retailer under a long term power purchase agreement.

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