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As part of the successful, family-owned and diversified Castelli Group, our reputation at AER means everything to us. Our corporate values drive our business, our people and our vision.

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In the energy sector, investments are long term – often 20 years or more. AER recognises that the quality of its products, services and advice are instrumental in delivering solutions that are designed to perform over their full operational life.

We also understand that your business needs your full attention. By partnering with AER for your energy requirements, our focus on quality gives you and your business the peace of mind that your investment is sound and designed to perform with minimum fuss.

From your initial contact with AER, through to the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of your system, AER takes pride in its quality. This applies to every job we do, large or small. We are not satisfied until our customer is completely happy with the result.

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Our reputation is everything to us – a reputation backed by integrity. With a desire to building long term, mutually beneficial working relationships, AER is committed to delivering honest and informed advice to our customers and delivering the service and standards that we promise.

These principles have been key to AER’s business practices since 2006 and were handed down from the Castelli Group founders’ forty year history in WA’s business community.

We commit to excellent communication with you throughout any dealings with us. Always delivering on our promise is fundamental to AER’s culture.

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AER’s background is driven by our staff’s technical and practical background. We focus on delivering the most advanced and practical solutions to our customers and think outside the box to deliver simple solutions to seemingly complex projects.

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Customer Service

AER is focused on customer service. We maintain open and honest communication with our customers and ensure that our promises are delivered upon.

Further, AER’s customers are not just a number to us. From start to finish, your project will be under the direct supervision of AER’s senior management. You have open and direct lines of communication with these senior staff at any time to ask questions, seek assistance or deal with any concerns as they arise. No running around. No call centres. Easy, quick and efficient service.

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Commitment to the Environment

AER’s passion is not limited to helping save our customers money. We are driven by a long-term desire to create a sustainable planet for future generations. While we can’t solve all of the world’s problems, we know energy and we know how to deliver clean, green energy to our customers at no extra cost.

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