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Why Go Solar

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Why Go Solar?

How solar saves you money

Solar power is very simple. Solar modules (panels) on your roof convert sunlight into DC electricity. A solar inverter then converts the DC electricity into 240V AC electricity for regular use. Devices in your home or business utilise the AC from the solar power system first and draw electricity from the grid if you need more. With a grid-connected system, if you are producing excess solar power, this is returned to the grid and depending on your electricity Retailer, you may be entitled to a credit.

It’s likely that a significant portion of your current electricity supply is sourced by burning coal and gas and transporting it hundreds of kilometres. Electricity generated by a Solar System is generated on-site and has no carbon emissions.

Put simply, when you’re producing your own electricity, you’re buying less from your retailer at certain times and selling your excess to them at other times.

AER is a licensed Retailer and we are prepared to purchase your excess electricity from you, not all Retailers will. Be sure to check this first.

How much can solar save you?

Based on the performance of our customers’ solar, a typical system can potentially save your business between 20% and 60% of your current electricity usage.

The performance of your solar system depends on:

  • Your average energy consumption
  • Your electricity tariff
  • Usage patterns
  • Your feed-in tariff rate
  • The size and type of the solar power system you install
  • Your location
  • Your roof area and the system’s angle to the sun

With your consent AER will obtain your historical 30-minute interval data. Then using our model, we will undertake a detailed assessment of the above factors to produce an obligation-free feasibility study for your consideration.

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