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Castelli Group (700 kW)

Projects - Solar panels

Castelli Group (700 kW) – Solar and Retail

Location: Multiple, Perth Metro

Output: 700kW (solar and retail)

Commissioning: 2015/16


Castelli Group is a diverse organisation with a significant property portfolio in Perth’s metro area, and a winery in Denmark, Western Australia.

AER recently completed a comprehensive energy supply package for the Castelli Group’s various properties. This included the rollout of 700kW of solar PV for the Castelli Group across its property portfolio under a solar PPA structure.

In conjunction with the solar systems, AER is also the electricity retailer to the Group’s properties, allowing for the supply of energy (when the sun is not shining) at discounted prices.

The Castelli Group is moving its property portfolio toward further reducing its environmental impact through the purchase of excess energy from AER’s future renewable energy projects to reduce their reliance on non-renewable electricity.

AER has provided a number of significant cost savings to the Group through:

  • Embedded generation
  • Reduction of capacity charges through active load shedding/load management
  • Reduction in network charges through network tariff optimisation
  • Access to wholesale markets for various supply components

Benefits to AER and its tenants:

  • Added property value by giving the Group a rental return on previously unlettable roof-space
  • Increased appeal to potential tenants due improved environmental credentials of each property
  • Elevated level of corporate social responsibility
  • Reduced electricity costs and outgoings for tenants

Put simply, the Castelli Group’s view is that everybody stands to benefit – the tenants, the environment and the Group itself.

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