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How To Switch

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How to Switch

We make switching to AER easy, so you can focus on your business.

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Call us on
+61 (08) 9364 0400 and ask for a free quote.

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With your consent and a copy of a recent bill, AER will obtain your historical data from Western Power and develop a pricing plan to suit your business.

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Within 3-5 business days your account manager will present you with a quote and an easy to understand contract document.

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We will arrange the switch.
Approx. 3 business days in metro area, 5 business days in regional areas. No interruption to your power supply.

Eligibility Criteria

If you consume over 50,000 kWH per annum and are connected to the SWIS (South West Interconnected System), call us for a quote today.

Price Structure

Our analysts will determine the most appropriate price structure for your business.

This could be:

  • A fixed flat rate
  • A bundled price
  • An unbundled price

Regardless of which structure works best for you, you can be assured we will explain it thoroughly and ensure that there is complete transparency. We won’t rest until you are completely happy that you understand how your contract works.

The Extra Mile

Once its signed your electricity contract won’t sit in a draw gathering dust. Our size and agility means AER will always be searching for innovative ways to add further value for your business.

Your account manager will be working to ensure:

  • Each year you are on the most cost-effective Western Power network tariff
  • You are aware of how to achieve savings by managing your consumption. Particularly in relation to network and capacity charges
  • You receive a free solar PV feasibility study, so you are fully aware of potential savings
  • You are happy with all aspects of our customer service
  • You are aware of recent developments in the energy market and how they might affect your business
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Working towards becoming a 100% renewable energy supplier by 2025