Advanced Energy Resources

Austal (100 kW)


Solar Modules: Canadian Solar 355W x 281

Inverters:3 x SMA Sunny Tripower 25 kW

Location: Naval Base

Industry Type: Embedded network


Austal is a company synonymous with the design and construction of cutting edge commercial and defence vessels. When awarded the contract to construct 19 Pacific Patrol Boat (PPB) vessels by the Australian Government, Austal required additional space suited to the specific design and delivery requirements of the project. AER’s customer Pacific Industrial Company was able to provide such a space in Naval Base. Having completed a solar installation for Pacific Industrial nearby, AER was requested to analyse the electricity requirements at the Austal-occupied fabrication facility so that Pacific Industrial could add value to the building through the installation of a solar system. A 100 kW system was determined to offer the best return on investment to the property owners and should payback the value of the investment in around 3 years, after which there will be considerable savings or a future revenue stream. As an embedded network, AER also manages the metering and the monthly bill preparation on behalf of the property managers.

Client: Austal