Advanced Energy Resources

Hot for Yoga (13 kW)


Solar Modules: Canadian Solar 320W x 40

Inverters: Fronius Symo 12.5 kW

Location: Jandakot

Industry Type: Health & Wellbeing


Hot for Yoga is a Bikram yoga studio located in Jandakot. Bikram yoga relies on the studio being heated using radiant heaters to maintain a temperature of 40 degrees while the class is in progress. This results in a higher electricity consumption, ideal for a rooftop solar system to manage electricity costs. In early 2018, Hot for Yoga requested quotes for the supply of a suitable solar system and awarded thje job to AER, settling on a 13 kW system as the first step. AER was further involved when Hot for Yoga requested an electricity contract as the previous electricity supplier proposed a 25% increase in the electricity tariff. As the solar provider and electricity retailer AER can continue to monitor the site for further optimisation of the electricity requirements.

Client:Hot for Yoga